A digital storage system is employed to capture and store the images from 1 to 16 cameras. Additional storage systems can be linked to allow additional cameras to be connected. A hard drive is the medium onto which the images are stored. The system can also be linked to an existing LAN (local area network) or connected via the internet to a remote computer, where live images and stored images can be reviewed (ISDN high speed connections are recommended to ensure a high video




We are offering a wide assortment of Personal Video Recorder (PVR) or Digital Video Recorder (DVR). The product is backed up with application software, which is helpful in record or play any king of video in digital formats. The video recording is supported to store in USB flash drive, disk drive and SD memory card.











Our range of Video Door Phones is availing our customers the unwanted entry of any unknown persons to their homes. This automated devise provide an automatic opening of the door with just pressing a button on it. This is highly acclaimed by the users as it is successful in offering personal safety to them as it shows all the movement on the main door of the home.








We have gained a reputed position in the market as we are one of the leading providers of world class range of Home Security Systems. We are having options for our clients in terms of prices as we cater all segments of customers to meet their aspired needs and requirements for their home safety. The home security need is increasing day by day and we are successful in offering various options of home security to our clients.